In settings, you’ll find some options to help you manage your hardware wallet in FEX.

How do I connect my Trezor?

First, you have to have Trezor Bridge installed. If you need to install Trezor Bridge, open Exodus and go to Settings > Devices then where it says Install Trezor Bridge click Install Now. If you were already using Trezor with another application, you will not see this option since it’s likely Trezor Bridge is already installed.

How do I hide or reveal my hardware portfolios?

FEX will display your Trezor portfolio in watch-only mode if your Trezor is not plugged in. This means you can view your hardware portfolio balance and transactions, but you won’t be able to spend or exchange your Trezor held funds.

If you wish to hide your Trezor portfolio so it does not appear in the Exodus interface, go to Settings > Devices then under Hardware Wallets choose the name of your hardware wallet then click HIDE.

How do I rename my hardware portfolios?

You can set the display name of your hardware portfolio in FEX.

This time just go to Settings > Portfolios then choose the name of your hardware wallet then click on the pencil icon on the right-hand.

Type anything you’d like, pick any color and symbol you want, and when ready click Save Updates to apply the change.

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